Where is this wedding?

For our winery wedding, we have decided to hide away in the Mornington Peninsula

The Mornington Peninsula offered a heap of choices for wineries and after a lot of looking around, eating and drinking, we decided on Bluestone Lane Winery in Balnarring.

How to get there!

Directions to the winery in which the wedding and reception will be held.


The Winery's Webpage

The website of our venue for those that are interested in knowing a bit more.


Where to stay?

Contact Sarah ASAP if you need accommodation!
There are plenty of places to stay around the Mornington Peninsula. This is one we have picked out as it is close to the location and has reasonable prices. We will also be arranging for a bus service from this accommodation.

More Wedding Stuff!

Time & Date

The wedding itself will start at 5:00 PM on the 13th of December so get there before. And the reception will be at the same venue!

Dress Code

The dress code is semi-formal "Google it", just so everyone looks super pretty and doesn't break any camera lenes!

Wedding Menu!

Click "Learn More" to see the food! If any food kills you tell Sarah!